About Duijndam

This is who we are

Duijndam Works is a professional and full servicetemporary employment agency having over 25 years of experience in the temporary employment agency sector.

Starting out under the name of Uitzendbureau Karel Duijndam (UKD), our first office was opened on Kerklaan in Wateringen, The Netherlands, in 1997. Over the years that followed, we expanded from this one office into five offices in the Netherlands and two in Poland. This expansion also resulted in the first change of our company name: Duijndam Uitzendgroep.

Meanwhile we’ve also opened an office in Slovakia and are recruiting employees from all over Europe. Due to these developments, we decided to change our company name once more, and this time into a name that would have a more international ring to it. That is how the idea came up to take on the name of one of our operating companies: Duijndam Works.

Our mission: Bringing people together

Duijndam’s personal touch can still be felt. Our clients and candidates take centre stage and that is what you’ll experience throughout our business operations. Our account managers and recruiters are professionals, each with their own specialism. This means we have all the expert and sector knowledge right here at our fingertips.


Employers can rely on us for hiring in temporary agency workers and finding professionals through our recruitment and selection process.


Because we work together with leading companies, we have a wide range of vacancies available every day. At Duijndam Works, jobseekers can count on personal attention, decisive actions and a truthful and straightforward advice.

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