How much does it cost to live in the Netherlands?

How much does it cost to live in the Netherlands? This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions from our candidates who are planning their first trip to the Netherlands for work purposes. Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer it clearly because a lot depends on the needs and preferences of a given person, however, in this article we would like to tell you what the average cost of living in the Netherlands is.

It is worth mentioning the minimum wage in the Netherlands. These rates are updated twice a year, i.e. on January 1 and July 1.

From January 1, 2024, the uniform statutory minimum gross hourly rate is:
  • aged 21 and over – € 13.27
  • aged 20 – € 10.62
  • aged 19 – € 7.96
  • aged 18 – € 6.64
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Why is it worth working in the Netherlands with Duijdam Works? One of the undoubted benefits is the fact that our employment agency does not offer an age rate – for each of our offers, in the Vacancies tab you will find the hourly rate that we offer for a given position, regardless of your age.

Costs of food and basic chemicals

If you are wondering how much it costs in the Netherlands, the so-called basket of basic food products – below we have prepared for you a short list of sample prices of products in chain stores that are very popular in the Netherlands.

  • Bread – sliced bread €1.50, roll €0.25/pcs.
  • Dairy products – milk €0.89/1l, cheese €2/200g, fruit yogurt €0.49/150g
  • Drinks – instant coffee €5/200g, black tea €0.45/20pcs, orange juice €1.69/1l, still water €0.49/1.5l
  • Fats – Oil €1.99/1l, butter €2.35/250g
  • Fruit and vegetables – bananas €2.19/kg, apples €1.79/kg, oranges €2.19/kg, tomatoes €1.69/500g, cucumber €1/pc., peppers €0.45/pc, potatoes €1.75/kg, mushrooms €1.45/250g
  • Loose products – wheat flour €0.89/kg, white sugar €0.95/kg, salt €0.65/500g, pasta €1/500g, rice €1.2/500g
  • Meat – chicken breast €9/800g, minced pork and beef €5/600g, sliced cold meat €1.80/150g
  • Others – milk chocolate €0.85/100g, cornflakes €1.65/500g, jam €1.5/450g, peanuts €1.09/250g
  • Chemicals – Dishwashing liquid €2.30/0.5l, Washing powder €7/kg, Liquid hand soap €2/300ml
Transport costs

In the Netherlands, public transport is well developed, making it easy to get around the country. The cost of a single ticket for a train, bus or tram depends on the distance of travel, but the approximate cost is usually from a few to a dozen or so euros. The most common choice of means of transport in the Netherlands is a bicycle. In Dutch cities, cycling is often faster than using a car or public transport, especially during rush hours. The Netherlands is famous for its well-developed cycling infrastructure. Cycle paths often lead straight through city centers, which helps avoid traffic jams. There are numerous bicycle parking spaces, both in the city center and on the outskirts. You don’t have to worry about parking fees or parking space, which is a common problem for cars.

We offer Duijndam Works employees staying in company accommodation located less than 10 kilometers from their workplace the possibility of using the company bike, also for private purposes. If your place of work is located more than 10 kilometers from the company accommodation, we offer transport in a company car – you do not have to worry about the price of fuel or car insurance, these costs are covered by Duijndam Works.

Examples of public transport ticket prices:
Train – The Hague – Amsterdam €13.60
Bus – Westland (Poeldijk/Wateringen/Kwintsheul) – The Hague €3-5
Bus – Maasdijk – The Hague €4-7

Accommodation costs

As an employment agency, we address our job offers in the Netherlands both to people with their own accommodation and to candidates who are looking for a job with company accommodation. We offer our employees comfortable accommodation that is SNF certified. We make every effort to provide accommodation as close as possible to the company where you will start working. Where possible, we will take your personal preferences into account. All residential locations have free WiFi. Our houses have a common living room with TV, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, toilet and bedrooms. The current accommodation fee is €127 per week.

To sum up, working in the Netherlands is a great opportunity for people looking for new possibilities and good earnings. Duijndam Works as an employment agency provide support in finding work, accommodation and transport. Thanks to this, you can focus on gaining experience and enjoy a comfortable life in the Netherlands. Complete the application here and see what we can offer you!
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