Our affiliation with various sector organisations and the fact that we hold all the relevant quality approval marks, will give you, our (prospective) client, a proper and impartial impression of our company. After all, as a good employer you will be looking for a professional and dependable sparring partner who supports you in achieving your company objectives.

If you would you like to know more about the quality marks and certificates mentioned below, please feel free to contact us. We’d be more than happy to help you!


Duijndam Works is affiliated with the Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies (in Dutch: Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen – ABU), the Dutch sector organisation for the temporary employment sector. The ABU has a strict admission policy and subsequently runs recurrent checks on our correct application of the collective labour agreement, the quality of our business operations and administrative processes, as well as the timely payment of taxes and social security contributions.

ABU members advocate quality and good employment practices. Duijndam Works also fulfils the additional mandatory membership criterion for members providing employment intermediation services for labour migrants: complying with the ABU Labour Migrants Fair Employment Code. In addition to laws and regulations and the Collective Labour Agreement for Temporary Agency Workers, this code provides additional security to this group of employees.

ABU membership declaration

Foundation for Flexible Housing Standards (SNF)

Duijndam Works is listed in the register of the Foundation for Flexible Housing Standards (in Dutch: Stichting Normering Flexwonen – SNF) and therefore complies with the standard for housing labour migrants. The primary concerns of the standard as set, include room and privacy, hygiene, sanitation, safety and facilities. We are subjected to an annual administrative inspection and all housing locations are inspected over the course of the year. The SNF quality mark guarantees our temporary agency workers that the housing is in order.

SNF quality mark

NEN 4400-01

Duijndam Works complies with the NEN 4400-01 standard and is listed in the register of the Dutch Labour Standards Foundation (in Dutch: Stichting Normering Arbeid – SNA). The NEN 4400-01 standard was created by the temporary employment sector to afford employers hiring in or employing labour, protection against fraud and illegality. The standard sets strict requirements for our personnel administration and salary administration and the payment of taxes and social security contributions. Twice a year, Normec VRO carries out audits on the basis of the NEN 4400-01 standard. Duijndam Works therefore fulfils the conditions for being admitted to the register of the Dutch Labour Standards Foundation.

NEN 4400-01 declaration and registration SNA


VCU stands for Health and Safety Checklist Temporary Employment Agencies (in Dutch: Veiligheid en Gezondheid Checklist Uitzendorganisaties) and originates from Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors (in Dutch: Veiligheid Checklist Aannemers – VCA). The VCA is intended for contractors and focuses on health, safety and environment at the workplace. VCA-certified companies carry out work with an increased risk in a high-risk environment. It often regards work on building sites, in factories, workshops and around machinery. It is mandatory for VCA-certified companies to hire in people from a temporary employment agency that is VCU-certified. The Duijndam Works branch office on Kerklaan 1A in Wateringen, has been VCU-certified since 15 November 2011. You can look us up in the register at VCA.nl. The VCU certificate proves Duijndam Works’ commitment to working safe and sound.

VCU certificate

Securitech Detection & Verification

The developments in the field of identity (ID) are taking place at the speed of light. Due to various developments in society, politics and technology, the need for ascertaining identities quickly and reliably is growing by the day. Duijndam Works aims at providing high quality services as transparently as possible. It is essential to us (and you) to have absolute certainty about the correctness of the identity of our employees. That is why we use the Document Scanner and Fraud Desk of Securitech Detection & Verification B.V. to verify identity documents.

Securitech certificate

Our branch offices abroad also hold the required certifications. Duijndam Works was the first temporary employment agency to be registered in Poland on the National Register of Temporary Employment Agencies (KRAZ – Krajowy Rejestr Agencji Zatrudnienia) and the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs issued the first certificate in that respect to us.


Our branch office in Poland has been a member of the Polish sector organisation OKAP – Ogólnopolski Konwent Agencji Pracy (the Polish union for temporary employment agencies) since 2004, which is a testament to high professional ethics in employment intermediation.

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