Arrival in the Netherlands

When you arrive from abroad, you will first be received at our head office in Maasdijk. Our arrival team will give you all the necessary information, for instance regarding housing, general rules and life in the Netherlands. Then you’ll be introduced to one of our (Assistant) Account Managers who will make sure that you get information about your new job, the applicable regulations on safety and working conditions at the workplace and transport to your work. Once all this is taken care of, you’ll be taken to your housing accommodation. 


You’ll be living at a location that is as close to your work as possible. Your personal preferences will also be taken into account as much as possible. Free WiFi is available to you at all locations. Our houses have a communal living room with television, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, toilet and bedrooms. Naturally, all our housing locations are SNF certified.


We will help you take out a healthcare insurance and we also submit an application for healthcare allowance.


We will take care of transport to and from your work. If you choose to come to work by private transport, a travel allowance is also possible.

Plan4Flex App

We use the Plan4Flex planning programme. This programme comes with an application for smart phones. This application enables you to communicate quickly and easily with your contact person. Your daily planning, payslips and signed documents can also be found in the app.

Dutch language courses

We offer our foreign workers the opportunity to learn Dutch. 

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